Actor Mrunal Thakur recently said that, despite the well-manicured perfection frequently displayed on social media, even superstars have vulnerable times. She just posted an unprocessed image of herself crying on instagram Stories, sparking an open dialogue. Mrunal elaborated on it by talking about the times when just getting out of bed seemed like a huge undertaking. Aside from that, she boldly addressed the subject of body shaming and promised to go against the conventions around beauty standards.

Speaking with Humans of Bombay, Mrunal talked about how many individuals on the internet give the impression that their lives are flawless. "There were times when I didn't want to get out of bed or get up, but I did. For me, not for anybody else. One day, two days, three days, weeks, months—I may be depressed, and no one will notice except your family. Therefore, I think it's crucial to constantly remind ourselves that even on our terrible days, wonderful days will still come. That served as confirmation that there are days when feeling unwell is perfectly natural, the speaker explained.

Additionally, Mrunal talked candidly about body acceptance and disclosed that she has heard disparaging remarks about her "pear-shaped body." "I'm going to change that beauty standard by showing off my curves," the woman declared. I used to be so terrified to wear anything that hugged my body. However, now I'm thinking, "Body-hugging? Go ahead and do it. What about crop tops? Go ahead and do it. Why do we need the Kardashians to define what constitutes beauty? Every indian lady you see strolling down the street is stunning and curvy.

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