Election polling in andhra pradesh ended yesterday.. The news is that more than 80% polling has been recorded. There is still no official clarity on this matter.. Voters have also flocked to the polling centers in large numbers. The polling percentage is especially high in the rural areas. A fair atmosphere was seen in the villages with women voters. Even in the urban areas, the voter turnout decreased slightly after afternoon.

YSRCP secretary Sajjala ramakrishna has also informed that tdp has tried to incite violence due to the fear of defeat.. Especially in Kuppam, Tadipatri, Chittoor, Macharla etc constituencies, the tdp party has brought violent incidents to the attention of the EC. news has been heard that the women who came to vote are being threatened and assaulted by playing malicious propaganda.

Also, there are reports that tdp leaders have sent bouncers from other states to threaten some people.. Especially in gangadhara nellore and visakha West constituencies, there are reports that this kind of thing happened a lot. Moreover, it seems that the EVMs were not working in many places and it continued slowly. And in some places, due to the negligence of the staff, similar incidents have also taken place. The polling percentage has been recorded very high and soon the results will be revealed as to which parties the voters have supported.

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