Ambati Rambabu, the minister of irrigation, said on tuesday that police mistakes were to blame for the violent episodes that transpired during Monday's polls in several areas of Andhra Pradesh.
At a news conference, he said, "The violence during the polls was caused by the police's blatant failure."
Violence broke out during yesterday's election in andhra pradesh in places like Narsaraopet and Palnadu.
Rambabu emphasized that KV Rajendranath Reddy, the Director-General of police, was moved by the election commission of india (ECI) to guarantee a smooth election process.

He questioned, accusing the police of being biased against the YSRCP and asking, "What then happened during the polling?"
"I was placed under house arrest without cause. The cops told me they were doing what they were told when I asked. tdp chief Kanna Lakshminarayana, meanwhile, was not placed under house arrest and was able to travel about. This seems biased, doesn't it? Rambabu asked.
He said that there has never been anything like this during an election in Andhra Pradesh's history.

In response to the higher poll percentage, Rambabu pointed out that many voters—particularly women—stayed in wait till six o'clock in the evening to cast their ballots.
There could be no doubt, in his opinion, that this meant the YSRCP was on the verge of a historic triumph.

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