An image shared by Janasena's mostly Kapus fans is becoming viral and has been shared several times. The post said, "TDP 75 to 80, YSRCP 75 to 80, janasena 12 to 15, bjp 3 to 5, and congress 0 to 1... NDA, 93 to 97." As a result of this article, which suggests that the tdp falls short of the necessary number to form a government, janasena fans are fantasizing that pawan kalyan would be instrumental in forging a coalition that would enable him to become the Chief Minister.

What they are missing, though, is that even if janasena wins all 21 seats, 20 of them would probably support Chandrababu Naidu's tdp if the subject of Pawan becoming cm comes up. It should be mentioned that chandrababu naidu has previously fielded 15 of the janasena candidates. By all means, Chandrababu will be the only chief minister and pawan kalyan would not be allowed to run if the alliance secures the most seats.

Even Pawan is aware of this, yet some Kapus and janasena followers continue to dream due to ignorance, according to a political expert. The post gets trolled ruthlessly under the comments and quotes section.

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