On Tuesday, M. Venugopal reddy, the election Officer and district collector for guntur, examined the strong rooms at acharya Nagarjuna university where the EVMS were stored.
What is a Strong Room?

Following voting, the electronic voting machines and VVPATs are stored in special strongrooms that are double-locked. Candidates and election commission of india observers are present during this procedure. The strongrooms have CCTVs installed and are continuously monitored by armed police personnel from the Central police Force. In addition to sending chosen agents, candidates may also show up in person at the strongroom during the vigil.

The strong rooms were shut in front of collector Venugopal reddy and other authorities. Venugopal reddy traveled to the assembly seats of Mangalagiri, Ponnur, tenali, guntur West, and guntur East accompanied by election commission observers Neeraj Kumar, Karthik, and J. Rajakumari. The collector was joined by special deputy collectors gangaraju and lakshmi Kumari, GMC additional commissioner K. Rajyalakshmi, RDO P. Srikar, tenali sub-collector Prakhar Jain, and guntur Municipal Corporation commissioner keerthi Chekuri. There were several people in attendance, including guntur Parliament election monitoring officer AERO Bhima Rao, IT nodal officer Raghu, and election manpower nodal officer Shailaja.

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