Telangana for Peace and Unity (TPU) filed a complaint against bjp hyderabad lok sabha candidate K madhavi latha with the chief election officer on Tuesday. TPU is calling for severe judicial action against both K madhavi latha and the bjp for intimidating voters and causing unrest at polling places on Monday.
In their complaint, 44 social and rights activists said that forcing Muslim women voters to take off their headscarves, check identity cards, and challenge their identities harmed the number of Muslim women voters who turned out to vote on monday for the remainder of the day.

The activists claimed that madhavi latha could be dismissed for violating the Conduct of Rules, 1961 under the Representation of People's Act, 1951 in rule 35, "identification of electors," under sub-rule (3), which states that the presiding officer or an authorized poll officer will verify voters' identities against voter-provided IDs.

The activists further emphasized that, by other regulations, the only person who may contest the identity of a person claiming to be a specific voter is the polling agent. In other words, the presiding officer, individuals hired expressly by the presiding officer, or both, may assist in the identification of electors.
Therefore, the lawsuit said that madhavi latha had no legal basis whatsoever for intimidating voters, demanding that they reveal who they were, stealing identity cards, or requesting personal information to prove their identities.

It went on, "Reports clearly show that madhavi latha was specifically targeting Muslim women who wore headscarves and burqas, with the intention of not only upsetting the maintenance of communal harmony."
In addition, the activists asked the CEO to look into additional statements and deeds by madhavi latha that could have strained relations within the community and broken the law or the model code of conduct in the previous several months.

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