People from other parts of andhra pradesh had the right to vote, many of them came to their native place with a strong determination to vote. After spending two or three days happily, some people who were continuing their return journey were returning in private travels. Meanwhile, death unexpectedly came in the form of a tipper. Four lives were sacrificed including the bus driver. Within seconds, the fire was extinguished and tragic shadows were formed. Let's see the complete details regarding these.

But according to the details of the locals, a bus which was going to hyderabad from Chinganjam of bapatla district via Parchur Chilakaluripet left yesterday night with 40 passengers. But all of them were returning to hyderabad by using the vote. On arrival, a gravel tipper came at a high speed and hit the bus. In a few moments, the fire broke out from the tipper. As the fire spread rapidly, it also spread to the bus.

Immediately after this, the fire spread around the bus, four of them were burnt alive.. 20 others were seriously injured.. The relatives are left in grief after learning about this. After calling the fire brigade, they came and put out the fire and the situation was brought under control. It seems that this accident happened especially because there was a lot of mud on the asphalt road and the speed of the tipper could not be controlled.

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