In January, prime minister Narendra Modi opened Atal Setu, the biggest sea connection bridge in India, which links Navi mumbai and Mumbai. rashmika mandanna, an actress, commended its effectiveness in cutting a two-hour trip down to only 20 minutes. rashmika praised the development of India's infrastructure and voiced hope about the nation's prospects. She emphasized the quick growth over the last ten years and credited it to creative planning and implementation.

Rashmika urged young voters to responsibly engage in the lok sabha elections of 2024, claiming that India's youth are growing increasingly astute and proactive in influencing the nation's destiny through educated voting. rashmika received criticism on social media for allegedly favoring the present administration, as was to be expected. Many countered that the current administration did not begin the bridge she praised; rather, it was the congress government.
Some accused her of being insensitive, bringing up the news of the hoarding collapse that killed 14 impoverished people in Mumbai. Her ability to counsel others was also questioned because she had not cast a ballot in the current lok sabha elections. She was also charged by some with accepting paid promotions from the government.  

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