Chief minister A. revanth reddy expressed confidence on Tuesday, one day after polls for the lok sabha elections in Telangana, that his congress will win 12–13 of the state's 17 seats. He declared that Bharat Rashtra Samithi (BRS) will lose all of its deposits in six to seven constituencies. In addition, he said that during these elections, BRS cadres supported the bharatiya janata party (BJP).

In an interview with the media, state party leader revanth reddy expressed his confidence that congress candidate D. Nagender will secure the secunderabad lok sabha seat with a majority of 20,000 votes.
G. Kishan Reddy, the state president of the bjp and a union minister, is now holding the position.
There was no bjp wave in Telangana, according to revanth Reddy. He predicted that the bjp will come in third in the medak seat.
In response to a question, he stated that making hyderabad a Union Territory was not possible. Additionally, he stated that the state's revenue would not be impacted if hyderabad were designated as the second national capital.

In response to a question concerning the potential formation of a government in nearby andhra pradesh, where concurrent assembly elections were conducted, he stated that he would collaborate with the andhra pradesh Chief minister to address any inter-state issues.
He stated unequivocally that Telangana's interests are his top priority and that he will not be at odds with anyone.

According to revanth reddy, political activity has concluded with the polling process, and he will now devote all of his attention to administration. He said that the Farmers' Welfare Corporation would be established by the government and that it would seek funding to forgive farmer debt. He restated the election campaign pledge that the government will forgive farm loans up to Rs 2 lakh by august 15.
He told farmers who sustained losses owing to unseasonal rainfall that the government would give priority to the buying of drenched paddy.

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