Exit polls and projections are officially prohibited by the election commission of india until june 1, three days before the results of the election are announced when the last round of voting is concluded nationwide.
Therefore, no media outlet formally announced the exit polls' findings in any state; these surveys were conducted throughout the first four stages of the current election cycle.
Both national and local media outlets conducted their exit polls in andhra pradesh, but they are not sharing the results because of ECI regulations.

However, several phony surveys and exit polls purporting to represent well-known national news outlets as well as telugu channels are making the rounds on social media and projecting the outcomes of the Andhra assembly elections.

Naturally, media personalities such as v Ravi Prakash made their projections on his wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital channel RTV well in advance of the election, providing the telugu Desam Party-led national democratic alliance in ap with a comfortable lead.

A story on exit polls purportedly carried out by many major media outlets has been making the rounds on social media.

Seven distinct exit polls, carried out by well-known agencies in collaboration with well-known national news networks, were cited in the study.

According to the article, an exit poll by india Today-Axis projected that the YSRCP would receive 18–33 assembly seats in ap, while the nda would receive 142-157 assembly seats.

Another CNN-News 18-IPSOS survey projected that the YSRCP would win 30-43 seats and the nda would win 132-145 seats.

Times Now-VMR has awarded nda 128–133 seats and YSRCP 42–47 seats; Republic–Jan Ki Baat has awarded nda 111–124 seats and YSRCP 51–64 seats.

Republic-C Voter, on the other side, projected 48–67 seats for the YSRCP and 108–127 seats for the NDA.

NDA received 139-152 seats from NewsX-Neta, while YSRCP received 23-36. Finally, according to Today's Chanakya, the YSRCP would only receive 17–31 seats, while the nda will receive 144–158 seats.

Since none of these networks have formally released the findings of their exit polls, it goes without saying that all of these surveys were fake. Furthermore, it is up to speculation as to who made up these numbers.

It seems that these rigged surveys and exit polls are being disseminated to encourage wagering on the poll findings.

The Andhra election outcomes are already being gambled on for hundreds of crores of rupees, and such fake stories will undoubtedly affect the bets.

Perhaps it is one way to win a lot of money when betting!


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