On Wednesday, two days after polls for the state assembly and lok sabha simultaneously took place in Andhra Pradesh, chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy took part in a special pooja to ensure the continuance of his administration. yoga experts performed a special pooja at the Chief Minister's tadepalli house.
Nallapeddi Sivaramaprasada Sarma and Gowravajjula nagendra Sarma led a 41-day Rajasyamala Sahasra Chandiyagam at tadepalli to keep jagan Mohan Reddy's "people's welfare governance" in place. Forty-five Vedic experts took part in the ceremony in all. He received the yagam's ertham and prasadam from the Vedic pandits. The organizers of Yagam, Arimanda Varaprasada reddy, Vijaya Sarada reddy, and Padamata suresh Babu, were with them.
All 25 lok sabha seats and the 175-member assembly were up for election on Monday. The telugu Desam Party, the Jana Sena, and the bharatiya janata party formed a tripartite coalition against the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress Party, which was led by jagan Mohan Reddy.
With an overwhelming majority, the YSRCP took over the tdp in 2019 and won 151 assembly seats. Moreover, it secured 22 of the 25 lok sabha seats. The election results will be known on june 4th! 

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