The results of the recently held elections for the ap assembly and lok sabha will not be known for another eighteen days, and the candidates of the main political parties are crossing their fingers for a favorable vote total.
One guy, nevertheless, feels certain of winning; in fact, he declared himself elected long before the votes were known.
He is K A Paul, the founder-president of the Praja Shanti party and a maverick preacher who went into politics.
Paul, who ran in the most recent lok sabha elections from the parliamentary seat of Visakhapatnam, informed the media that he had ordered an internal assessment in response to the polling pattern in Visakhapatnam, and the results indicated that he would easily win the lok sabha elections.
In the most recent elections, the Visakhapatnam lok sabha seat received 14 lakh votes; based on my survey, I received 10 lakh votes. Four lakh Christian votes, two lakh votes from youth, two lakh votes from the workers and their families at the vizag Steel Plant, and two lakh votes from SCs, STs, and BCs are among them, he claimed.
Paul claimed that winning the Visakhapatnam lok sabha seat was only a formality.
"It is inevitable that I will become the Member of parliament for Visakhapatnam, and I will shortly start serving as the local representative," he said.
The preacher promised to drastically transform Visakhapatnam in all aspects during the following 100 days.
"I'll focus on three things: giving jobless people employment, giving kids free education, and giving the poor access to free healthcare. "I have a blueprint for Visakhapatnam's all-encompassing development," he declared.

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