While continuing his career as a star hero in the telugu film industry, pawan kalyan founded a party named janasena in the year 2014. The Jana Sena party did not participate in that election, which was formed before the 2014 elections. janasena party entered the election in the year 2019. And pawan kalyan contested from two assembly seats gajuwaka and bhimavaram in this election. According to the first predictions, many people expressed hope that Pawan will win in both, even if a little here and there, he will definitely win in one.

But on the day of the result, along with the janasena party, pawan kalyan also suffered a heavy blow. pawan kalyan contested in two seats but did not win even one seat. The janasena party won only one seat in the entire state. With this, Pawan thought. He was fixed that what happened in 2019 should not happen in 2024 at all. Instead of going it alone, he contested as part of an alliance with tdp and BJP. Last time, Pawan contested from two assembly seats and lost in both, this time he did not make that mistake and contested only in Pithapuram. Otherwise, the number of Kapu votes in gajuwaka and bhimavaram constituencies, where Pawan contested last time, is slightly less.

Since Pawan is a Kapu social class person, Pawan chose this area as there are more Kapu social class people in Pithapuram. This time, however, it seems that Pawan has targeted the people of the Kapu community in pithapuram and carried out his campaigns. In this election, the voting percentage was also huge in the constituency where Pawan is contesting. With that, Pawan has been grandly successful in stealing the votes and minds of Kapu social class people, Janasainikus opined.

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