Actress samantha thrilled her fans on april 28, her 37th birthday, by sharing information about a forthcoming project. The film, titled "Bangaram," features samantha in a brave character. She also stated that the project's filming is about to start.

Amidst celebrating her birthday, samantha has been inundated with well-wishes from her fans and peers in the industry. The excitement surrounding her birthday escalated when she unveiled ‘Bangaram’. The initial glimpse of the film depicted samantha in a fierce stance, clutching a double-barrel gun and showcasing a bloody visage. samantha Ruth Prabhu turned to instagram to give a sneak peek of her upcoming project with the caption, “Not everything has to be glitter to be golden.” #Bangaram @tralalamovingpictures. Production starting soon.”

Now, an inside source close to samantha revealed to us that, samantha herself is planning to direct this venture and she has decided to take the Director's hat.  This is a BIG decision as so far no star heroine has decided to wield the director's chair and samantha has jumped the gun and made the big decision of her career. If this ends successful, she will be making more movies in future as a creator and not as an actress. 

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