People of the sc community are making jagan cm once again..!?

-Highest funding for SCs.!

- Will this social group make jagan CM?

- Votes of the Mala social group fell one-sidedly to the YCP. 

  elections are over in Andhra Pradesh. The entire fate of the candidates standing in the assembly Parliament is stored in the ballot box. At this juncture, it becomes very interesting to see which party will win in the state. With the election results still 20 days away, every household is talking about who will win. Moreover, it has become very important that social class votes have been cast. This time it seems that the votes of the social groups will decide the victory. With this, both parties are conducting a survey focusing on who is on which side. At the same time, the votes of the sc community, which is the largest social community in andhra pradesh, are very important this time. And let's see the details of which party got more sc category votes. There are about 4 crore 13 lakh 33 thousand voters in the state of ap, out of which the majority of voters belong to the sc community. There are 15 lakh 85 thousand Madigas and 35 lakh 46 thousand voters belonging to the Mala community. Looking at it in this wayit can be said that the majority of voters in the state of Andhra Pradesh belong to the sc community. Let us find out the details of which party got the most votes among the voters belonging to this category.

  Key sc Votes:

  Candidates contesting from both parties in all the constituencies across the state can form special teams and say which social class leaders have influenced the voters of that social class. In this, SC should be especially mentioned. It seems that the votes of this social group are mostly towards Jagan. Because Jaganmohan reddy brought many welfare fruits for SCs in 5 years. Many people have benefited from sc Corporation. Agricultural implements, tractors, and paddy harvesting machines have been provided to sc farmers across the state on a subsidized basis. Almost crores of sc and st population have benefited. It seems that SCs are against Jagan who has spent crores of rupees, especially for SCs and STs. In this, it is clear that the votes of the Mala social group fell one-sidedly to the YCP. 70% from Madiga social class and 30% from YCP. In this way, some political analysts believe that the people of the sc community are going to make jagan the chief minister once again.

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