Will rising sea levels rob bangkok of capital status..!?

Bangkok is in danger of sinking into the sea by the end of this century. With Thailand's bustling capital already struggling to cope with monsoon floods, rising sea levels have emerged as another vexing problem. Rising sea levels threaten Thailand's capital, bangkok, a senior official at the country's climate change office said. Shifting capitals affected by the effects of climate change is nothing new. indonesia is about to move away from its capital, Jakarta, and replace it with Nusantara. Although the announcement was made two years ago, the new capital shift will take place in august this year. Like indonesia, Thailand is thought to be moving its capital soon. Because Thailand's capital, bangkok, is increasingly vulnerable to rising sea levels. Given the problems already caused by the rainy season, people believe that the Thai government will soon decide to move the capital.


It is common for the people of bangkok to suffer a lot due to the problem caused by excess water reaching the sea during the rainy season. thailand aims to be carbon neutral by 2050 and net zero by 2065. Thailand is facing many problems such as climate change, Indonesian farmers struggling with high temperatures and drought, coral reef problems, and pollution. It is feared that if the current situation continues, Bangong will be submerged in a few years, and the proposal to move the capital has started.

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