It is said that cm jagan reddy places a great deal of trust in the popular astrologer venu Swamy's forecasts on the results of the state's assembly elections. On Wednesday, a video showing venu Swamy and jagan driving around became popular on social media.
Although the exact time and location of the video's capture are not immediately known, reports claim that venu Swamy personally authorized its dissemination to the media. In the video, jagan, who is attentively listening and grinning, is shown to be receiving serious explanations from venu Swamy.

It seemed as though venu Swamy was outlining to jagan the potential results of the election.
It should be noted that venu Swamy has been publicly stating in discussions hosted by different television networks that jagan would win a sizable majority and return to power for a second term in succession.
Numerous astrological signs suggest jagan will win, and the stars are very much on his side. The YSRCP will retake power, according to all planetary motions, he asserted.

Venu Swamy, however, anticipated that ministers such as gudivada amarnath, Ambati Rambabu, and r k roja would have a difficult time in the polls. However, he stated that v Vijay Sai reddy, the YSRCP candidate from the nellore parliamentary constituency, would have a better chance of winning than tdp contender Vemireddy prabhakar Reddy.


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