During inspections at many eateries in jubilee hills on Wednesday, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of india (FSSAI) Task Force team discovered infractions ranging from the storage of meat with vegetarian goods to expired food items.
Food items that had gone bad, including sneha chicken, Done's Button Mushroom, Hoisin Sauce, and Knorr chicken Saucing Powder, valued at Rs. 4,000, were thrown out at the Downtown Brew Pub located in Jubilee Hills.

In the kitchen of the bar, there were also partially produced food items that were improperly labeled and kept in a refrigerator. Additional trash cans without lids were discovered, and food workers lacked medical fitness certifications.
At Makau Kitchen & Bar, a comparable establishment, expired food items valued at Rs. 4,970 were similarly disposed of. Additionally, cockroaches were observed by officials in the store vicinity.
At the time of inspection, Naturals ice cream had incorrect labeling and had concealed their FSSAI license. Strict warnings were issued by the authorities, and further inspections are anticipated shortly.

Makau clarifies on FSSAI inspection
As a result of stringent policies, Makau, a well-known eatery with a large clientele, stated in a statement that they never use outdated food in their cooking.
"We remove all expired things every week; thus, this week, we have to eliminate expired items worth Rs 4970. We take the stuff down right away because we somehow missed it this week. Additionally, every six months, all expired goods are sent back to the manufacturer for a replacement, and the few that are not accepted are disposed of, according to the statement.

"The products that were discovered to be expired in our store are in no way utilised for cooking. We never prepare meals with outdated ingredients, and we adhere to all legal requirements," Makau stated.

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