"Aavesham," the newest film by Fahadh Faasil, is getting a lot of attention on streaming services and in theatres right now. However, the way the movie's protagonist Fahadh is portrayed is what really sets it apart. His eccentric and witty performance is fantastic and adds much entertainment value to the movie. When telugu people see Fahadh in action, they automatically think of Nandamuri balakrishna, who naturally has similar attitudes and mannerisms. This is obviously offensive to FaFa and a disgrace.
Although Fahadh gives an excellent performance, balakrishna would come off as quite uncomfortable and would not connect with the character at all if she were to play the same role in a remake. For the film to be well received by telugu viewers, the filmmaker cannot faithfully replicate every scenario. anil ravipudi recently overstated his role in "Bhagavanth Kesari" as a character-based role, but it has turned into a major joke. puri previously attempted (Paisa Vasool) but failed. In comparison to all that he had marketed and showcased, it is a meek part that is neither here nor there.

"Aavesham" starring balakrishna is a suicide mission if one is looking to place a safe bet. It may be a faithful remake or serve as a model for a filmmaker looking to craft a brilliant character-based part similar to Fahadh's.

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