Jubilee Hills land dispute: junior NTR's telangana High court appeal

Film star junior ntr filed a petition in the telangana High court on the jubilee hills land dispute. The land that was bought from a woman by the name of Geethalakshmi is the subject of this disagreement.

The telangana High court was contacted by tollywood actor Jr. NTR. A disagreement about a site at jubilee hills Road No. 75, Hyderabad, has given rise to a petition. In 2003, tarak purchased the site from Geeta Lakshmi. Since 1996, Geethalakshmi has used property mortgages on the same land to secure loans from many banks. Three or four banks were used to obtain loans by providing fictitious documentation. However, Geethalakshmi concealed this when she sold Jr. ntr the land. 

Geethalakshmi obtained loans on the same paperwork from five different institutions. There is only one bank that offers mortgage loans, Geethalakshmi informed NTR. After receiving the papers, tarak paid off the loan from a chennai bank. Since 2003, ntr has been the property's owner. The disagreement with the other bank managers has persisted ever since. The property was attempted to be seized by the bank managers. junior ntr reported the bank managers to the police. In this instance, the police submitted a charge sheet in 2019. Recently, junior ntr was the subject of a DRT order. tarak used this information to file a petition with the telangana High Court. He was instructed by the court to turn in the DRT docket order by june 3.  

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