Virat kohli Fans say CSK will lose on May 18..!?

No matter which social media you open, there are many posts related to cricket and some people are posting "CSK will lose the CSK-RCB match".

The match between chennai Super Kings and royal challengers Bangalore, which is considered to be the biggest match of the 2024 IPL series, is scheduled to take place on May 18. It is said that if Royal Challengers Bangalore win this match by 18 runs, they will advance to the play-off round. The fans of the Bengaluru team are talking a lot about this match on social media, and are eager for the Bengaluru team to advance to the playoffs somehow this year. Especially the fans of Bengaluru's veteran player virat kohli are constantly spreading the news on all social media that CSK will lose this match.

Without giving any explanation, popular social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and instagram keep posting "CSK team is going to lose" from the accounts that have Virat Kohli's photo. On the other hand, CSK fans are also talking a lot about this match. But will they discuss the playoff scenario, CSK's strengths - and weaknesses, and Dhoni's last game? They are discussing various things.

But Bengaluru fans keep repeating the same thing that CSK will lose, and they do the job of creating a concept. Fans of other teams are criticizing and taunting Bengaluru team fans saying, "Will CSK lose just by posting such posts? They should play and win on the pitch, not on social media."

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