Home minister who created history in AP..!?

Usually the home minister of the state is very powerful. Law and order in the state is in their hands. No one else has the power that the home minister has, especially over the police. Before 2014, Devendra Goud, Jana reddy, and Sabita Indra reddy worked in the Ministry of home Affairs. All of them have earned good respect by performing their duties properly. After the division of the state, those who became home Ministers were mere dummies and were not able to take advantage of the power. They are not able to lead the police perfectly.

  The situation is similar in both ap and telangana states. Worked as a Muslim minister in Telangana. They did nothing but the chief minister did their work. It can be said that Chinarajappa's situation is so bad that he could not use any of the home Minister's powers. Currently, Vanitha is working as the minister of home Affairs in the government of Andhra Pradesh. Even Vanita could not fully utilize her powers till the end of the five-year loan. Those who come from the lower level and hold the position of a minister must exercise those powers. Only then will that glory have a meaning.

  But Vanita seems to have finally learned about this. She recently issued some key orders. She spoke to state DGP Harish Gupta on tuesday through a phone call. He brought to his attention some violent incidents that occurred during the assembly and parliamentary polling. She spoke to the DGP about the attacks by tdp leaders and activists in various parts of AP. They complained that despite the attacks on the MLAs, the local police were watching the proceedings. They are not voting for TDP and they have also said that they are attacking women and elderly people. They flagged that the police acted as if they had complained about this. He warned that if tdp atrocities are not stopped, there is a danger of facing resistance from sc and st women. They also ordered the immediate arrest of the tdp perpetrators of the attacks. It can be said that after 2014, Vanitha is the only home minister who has used the power in this range. In that sense, she created a sensation in ap history.

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