Following a hectic five-month campaign supporting his YSRC candidates, chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy took a special flight on friday night for a holiday. He will return to vijayawada on june 1 ahead of the assembly and parliament election results, which are scheduled to be announced on june 4. The chief minister is traveling with his spouse, Y.S. Bharathi, and daughters, Harsha and Varsha. Their first stop will be London, and they will also be visiting france and switzerland after their trip.

Throughout the months-long campaign, jagan Mohan reddy had been the YSRC's main spokesperson. Additionally, Y.S. Bharathi ran a campaign in the Chief Minister's pulivendula assembly district. Not coincidentally, jagan met with an IPAC team the day before he left for his international tour, and they gave YSRC advice on how to approach the 2024 elections politically.

Reddy also made fun of prashant kishor, the former chairman of I-PAC, by claiming that the poll results would be considerably superior than anything the well-known political strategist could have produced. He made this comment in reaction to Kishor's forecast on May 12 that the YSRCP would suffer a severe setback and lose 51 of the 175 assembly seats. Kishor made his remarks in an interview with a telugu news station one day prior to the andhra pradesh polls.

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