In Andhra Pradesh, the tdp, bjp and janasena parties have joined forces to compete against the YCP. Governments in many states are already showering bounties on women. Free rtc bus travel for women is one such scheme. But here lies a problem. This seems to be a big blow to many people who depend on auto, taxi etc. for their livelihood.

Moreover rtc seems to be drowning in losses due to free bus travel. But recently, prime minister Narendra Modi has made various comments on this scheme.. Modi said that the metro which was brought with a lot of prestige with the guarantee of free bus travel for women is facing a lot of trouble.. Due to this, up to 50 percent women will lose the metro. Modi spoke in such a way that due to this, the management of metro will also become very tough.

It has also been informed that this free bus travel will be hindered by the construction of metro in the coming days. Also, there are reports that metros are running empty even in metro areas.. Judging by this, it seems that Modi does not support the free bus travel announced by tdp as part of the alliance in Andhra Pradesh. Arguments are also being heard that the bjp government will not cooperate with such things if it comes to power. And this matter seems to be a shock to the tdp party as well.

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