On Friday, Y S jagan Mohan reddy, the head of the ysr congress party and the chief minister of andhra pradesh, took a personal jet to europe with his wife, Y S Bharati reddy, and arrived in london to a raucous greeting from his followers.
After seeing his daughter, who is pursuing her graduation, for a few days, he will take a trip to other european countries, such as france and Switzerland. On june 1, he will be going back to India.

According to sources, on Saturday, his sister, Y S sharmila, the president of the andhra pradesh Congress Committee, who ran for office from the kadapa parliamentary constituency, raising a banner of rebellion against her brother, also took a vacation overseas.
These sources state that sharmila departed for America to live with her mother Y S Vijayamma, who is visiting her son Y S raja Reddy.
After spending a few weeks with her son's family, she would return to andhra pradesh on june 2, only a few days before the election results were announced.
Raja reddy wed priyanka Atluri in February, and the couple quickly departed for the US, where they are currently employed.

A victim of the sibling political rivalry, Vijayamma departed for the united states in april to save her son and daughter the trouble.
But a few days prior to the election, Vijayamma made a video available and pleaded with kadapa residents to back her daughter Sharmilamma and grant her victory. jagan was really embarrassed by the video.
According to what is known, jagan would go back to his tadepalli home, while Vijayamma and sharmila will also return to Hyderabad.
"Even though their sister and brother are not in their home state, they would be thinking exclusively about Andhra politics," an individual close to the family stated.

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