At the same time, vijay deverakonda announced two films. He is planning to collaborate with rahul sankrityan on one movie and ravi kiran Kola on another. Of them, the prospective heroine in ravi kiran Kola's forthcoming movie is generating news.
According to reports, samantha is most likely to star in the lead role in this rural action drama alongside Vijay Deverakonda. One explanation is her prior involvement in a rural movie like Rangasthalam. There have also been rumors that samantha was promised a role in dil Raju's next movie while Shakuntalam was being made.

This raised the possibility that the Khushi combination will be used again. Sai Pallavi's name has also come up for this project, even if these rumors are still spreading.
There is growing chatter of a potential ravi kiran Kola film starring sai pallavi and Vijay Deverakonda.
Narratives suggest that sai pallavi would be a good fit for this rural part and that Vijay and sai pallavi together would provide a new dynamic.
Even before the film was set, a lot of rumors have been floating around about it. dil raju is thinking of making this his 59th movie, maybe a pan-India production.

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