In her first telugu film, kiara advani will be starring with ram charan in Shankar's highly anticipated film Game Changer. A while back, Thaman's first single from the movie, Jaragandi, appeared on YouTube and included a few clips of the pair's energizing dance.
During the Cannes Film Festival, kiara advani talked about her experience working on the song with Film Companion. She mentioned that once the song was published, she received the most calls, especially since everyone was seeing her motions for a massy tune.
 The actress also talked about what it was like to work with choreographer prabhu deva and how they had to practice for three to four hours even after filming. "We had like backbreaking steps," she remarked. To match each other, ram charan and I had to complete the identical steps. I found it to be a challenging order, but I really loved it.

Kiara Advani talked in-depth about her experience working with filmmaker shankar on Game Changer, stating that she has always wanted to collaborate with him. She praised him by expressing how much he loved producing films and how expansive his vision was. She went on to say that he always pushes the boundaries by creating something unique within the same industry.

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