Residents of hyderabad may now schedule a water tanker delivery and have it delivered in less than a day. The hyderabad Metropolitan Water Supply and Sewerage Board (HMWS&SB) has cut the water tanker delivery time from the previous two to three days to 24 hours with the aid of many logistical initiatives.
Due to the significant increase in demand, tanker delivery times around the beginning of the summer season varied from two to three days. february saw a rise in reservations, particularly from regions where bore wells were the primary source of water. Over 30,000 people in certain locations were dependent on tankers.

To reduce tanker wait times, authorities expanded filling stations and water filling points at the division level in addition to recruiting and purchasing more trucks to boost the number of tankers.
To enable tankers to be transported in three shifts around the clock, more employees were engaged, and some drivers were organized through the GHMC. A Tanker Management Cell was established to handle any problems, and special officials were also assigned to keep an eye on the tankers.
Tankers are being followed via an app that will monitor orders, deliveries, and the actual position of the trucks to increase efficiency.

To assess the monsoon measures, HMWS&SB MD sudarshan Reddy called a meeting in the interim. He requested that officials start field inspections the next week and make sure that airtech equipment and silt cart trucks are available.

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