Heroines' lives are being ruined by Trivikram!
Regarding director trivikram, a master of language, not much can be said. Understandably, Trivikram's dialogue captivates the audience. However, every film he makes needs to feature two heroines. I'm not sure why trivikram would take them, even if the movie doesn't need a second heroine. A heroine conveyed her sorrow over trivikram betraying them and using them as his side characters. 

One of Tollywood's best filmmakers is Trivikram. He provided numerous heroes their breakthrough successes by incorporating commercial aspects, family themes, and mass punch phrases. But he makes movies with well-known heroes. He is a master at crafting dialogue that is both hilarious and punchy. This renowned director also has an unhealthy habit. In every film, he always chooses the second woman. Her character, though, is unimportant. After seeing it, people would understand why a second heroine is necessary. 

There's a rumor that they'll play a bigger part in the movie than the second heroine. It's said that a lot of people fell for Trivikram's tricks and were tricked. In every film he has acted in, trivikram must be the ideal side heroine. However, trivikram ought to be aware of the reason for Esha Rebba's casting in aravinda sametha Veeraraghava's film. She doesn't have four or five dialogues, at least. 

Recently, Esha Rebba addressed the same matter. For the movie Veeraraghava, Aravintha Sametha claims that she even learned how to ride a bike. However, she conveyed her sadness about the way her sequences were cut out of the film. Upon examining this computation, it appears as though trivikram deceived every second lady he portrayed in his films. In Trivikram's film, young heroines are forced to consider their second heroine chance from this point on.

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