Following andhra pradesh chief minister Y. S. jagan Mohan reddy, telugu desam party (TDP) president N. chandrababu naidu would jet abroad for a holiday following the state's assembly and lok sabha elections. While jagan Mohan reddy began a two-week abroad tour on friday, former chief minister Naidu will go on a six-day vacation later on Sunday.
With two weeks until the counting of ballots cast in the previous week's simultaneous elections, major political personalities are unwinding with family holidays. After weeks of rigorous campaigning in favor of ysr congress Party (YSRCP) candidates, the chief minister and YSRCP president flew to london on a chartered aircraft friday night.
Jagan, his wife Y.S. Bharathi, and their daughters Harsha and varsha arrived in London. Harsha and varsha live in London. The family will eventually go to france and Switzerland. On Tuesday, a special court hearing cbi charges permitted jagan Mohan reddy to go abroad. He will return to andhra pradesh on june 1, three days before the votes were counted on june 4.

Naidu will go on an overseas visit later on Sunday. He will be joined by his wife Bhuvaneswari, son Nara Lokesh, daughter-in-law Brahmani, and grandson Devansh. This will be a six-day visit. However, the destination and specifics of their visit have yet to be announced.
Naidu will return home well before the vote count on june 4.
Elections for the 175-member assembly and all 25 lok sabha seats took place on Monday.
The YSRCP is facing a frontal challenge from the telugu desam party, Jana Sena, and BJP.

A day before departing for london, cm jagan visited the office of I-PAC (Indian Political Action Committee) in vijayawada and expressed confidence that the YSRCP would maintain power.
He projected that the YSRCP will win more seats than it did in 2019.
"We have won 151 assembly and 22 lok sabha seats in 2019 and we will win more seats in this time to provide a much better government," he stated.

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