TDP social media, which is influenced by caste prejudice, is always engaged in hostile propaganda against politicians from the opposing caste. Both Jagan's daughters are in London. This time, there was a longer break between polling and counting, so jagan intends to pay them a visit and rest.
However, tdp social media has launched a campaign saying that he is departing the nation and wondering if he will return. There are several trolls about this. The yellow media even tracked the jet and discussed its landing locations along the trip.

However, they make no mention of Lokesh's family having already arrived in America.
Chandrababu and his family are now on their way to America, but the details are being kept hush. They say they're going for a health checkup.
Yes, when Chandrababu travels overseas for a health check-up, lokesh goes on a tour, but when jagan travels, it is referred to as 'fleeing.'
Essentially, anything Chandrababu and his family members do is regarded as correct by them. Anything jagan does is deemed bad.

Jagan's abroad journey was well publicized, and Babu's foreign travel for a health check-up may now be scrutinized.
What happened to Chandrababu's health? Why does he travel to America for check-ups when he knows every leading specialist in India? Can't the panel physicians be compelled to participate in a conversation on yellow media channels? What hospital does Chandrababu attend in America? Can the yellow media follow it and capture screenshots?
They do not do that because Chandrababu is their person.

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