On Sunday, Gannvaram police arrested Dr. Vuyyuru lokesh Babu, an ardent telugu Desam supporter and an American citizen of indian descent, for owning a satellite phone without necessary papers. lokesh was nabbed by police while strolling suspiciously through the gannavaram airport corridor as chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy was preparing for a foreign visit.
Lokesh complained of heart problems, so the cops transported him to a private hospital. Following treatment, he was questioned and released after receiving a 41A notice.
On Sunday, lokesh returned to the airport and began walking about, leading authorities to interview him.

Lokesh said that he was at the airport because he was heading to Delhi.
During interrogation, the authorities discovered a satellite phone in his hands. When questioned for authorization to use a satellite phone, lokesh failed to present any documentation.
According to authorities, using a satellite phone requires approval from the Union administration. lokesh was arrested and taken to the gannavaram police station because he was utilizing it without proper documentation.
According to reports, lokesh is from Venkatayapalem in the Thullur mandal of Amaravati, guntur district.

He relocated to the United States, gained citizenship, and worked as a gastroenterologist in Richmond for 38 years. local officials reportedly revoked his medical license for violating standards.

Dr. lokesh sued prime minister Narendra Modi, Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy, and business mogul gautam adani in the US district Court for the district of Columbia in 2022, alleging corruption and the deployment of Pegasus spyware but failing to provide documentary proof.

Dr. lokesh recently visited andhra pradesh to promote the telugu Desam Party's election campaign.
He aggressively participated in vote debates on vernacular media, claiming that jagan Mohan reddy had been unlawfully moving hundreds of crores from his tadepalli home to other nations since 2016.
He also said that jagan Mohan reddy traveled abroad to preserve his hoard.

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