On Saturday, a task force team from Telangana's Food Safety Department inspected a store in Hyderabad. After the inspection, samples were taken for examination.

Chocolates were found leaking from sealed packs at a supermarket in Hyderabad
During the examination at Ratnadeep Retail Store near Ameerpet Metro Station, the crew discovered that Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolates were leaking from sealed packets. Chocolates were confiscated, and samples were taken for examination. Inspections were also undertaken at three other locations: Jumbo king Burgers, KFC, and Five Star Food court, all of which are located at Ameerpet Metro Station.

The study discovered that Jumbo king Burgers did not utilize a TPC meter to monitor the quality of reused oil. They also discovered hygienic hazards including water stagnation and open dustbins. During the inspection at KFC, the crew discovered inappropriate medical fitness certifications, while at Five Star Food court, sanitary violations such as open dustbins were observed.

Moreover, the medical fitness certificates of food handlers at Five Star Food court were not available.

Inspections at restaurants in Hyderabad
On Saturday, the task force team inspected many renowned eateries in Hyderabad.
In Lakdikapul, inspections were carried out at rayalaseema Ruchulu and Shah Ghouse.
In Khairatabad, the task team inspected Kamat Hotel and Hotel Sukha Sagar Veg Restaurant.
It is unclear what action the task team would take against the hyderabad eateries and supermarkets.

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