It has been 10 years since bifurcation, yet various issues, such as asset partition and power bill dues, remain unsolved between andhra pradesh and telangana, even though hyderabad will cease to be the two states' combined capital on june 2.
According to the andhra pradesh Reorganisation Act of 2014, hyderabad would be completely a telangana territory.  According to official sources, the split of numerous institutions and organizations stated in Schedules 9 and 10 of the Act between the two states has yet to be finalized due to disagreements on several topics.

According to the ap Reorganisation Act, the Ninth Schedule includes up to 89 government entities and businesses.
They include state-owned businesses and enterprises such as the andhra pradesh State Seeds Development Corporation, the andhra pradesh State Agro Industrial Development Corporation, and the andhra pradesh State Warehousing Corporation.
The 10th Schedule of the Act lists 107 training institutions/centers, including the ap State Co-operative Union, the Environment Protection Training and Research Institute, the ap Forest Academy, the Centre for Good Governance, and the andhra pradesh Police Academy.
Although an expert group led by former administrator sheela Bhide made suggestions on the separation of Schedule IX and X institutions, the issue remained unsolved.

The two states have also been at odds over the payment of dues for electricity provision following the bifurcation.
Employee transfers are one of the concerns awaiting a final decision.
M Jagadeeshwar, president of the telangana Non-Gazetted Officers' Union Central - hyderabad, told PTI on sunday that on May 18, they submitted a memorandum to deputy chief minister Mallu bhatti vikramarka urging the government to return the remaining (144) telangana employees allotted to ap during the state's bifurcation.
These employees have worked for ap since 2014.

Another example is the dispute between the two states over assets of the state-run Road Transport Corporation.
A senior official of the telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) informed PTI that ap requested a portion of the corporation's assets in hyderabad, which the TSRTC refuted and disagreed with.
The TSRTC believes that these assets are its property under the definition of 'headquarters' provided by the sheela Bhide panel.
CM A revanth reddy has directed authorities to reach an amicable resolution about the delayed relocation and repatriation of personnel to Andhra Pradesh.

He had instructed the authorities to handle issues where there is reconciliation between the two states and to operate in such a way as to prioritize Telangana's interests above other outstanding cases.
The telangana administration recommended holding a state cabinet meeting on May 18 to consider, among other things, outstanding disputes between telangana and andhra pradesh, as well as other connected subjects.
However, the cabinet meeting could not be convened since the required approval from the election commission under the model code of conduct for lok sabha elections was not obtained until May 18 night.
CM revanth reddy has decided to convene the cabinet meeting after securing the ec sanction.

Though hyderabad remains the two states' joint capital until june 2, 2024, the andhra pradesh Secretariat and nearly the entire state bureaucracy relocated to Amaravati, ap, in 2016 when tdp president N chandrababu naidu was chief minister.
Naidu intended to build a greenfield world-class capital in Amaravati.
At a May 15 review meeting on state bifurcation concerns, telangana chief minister revanth reddy directed authorities to take over facilities such as the Lake view government guest house in hyderabad, which had been granted to andhra pradesh for 10 years, after june 2.

The dispute over andhra pradesh Bhavan in delhi was resolved in march this year, with the Centre allocating land to the two states. In march, the Centre met with senior officials from both states in the national capital to discuss bifurcation concerns.

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