Deadpool & Wolverine is only a few months away, which means Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman can continue their years-long trash-talking. The name-calling among the film's performers began long before Jackman's comeback as Wolverine was ever considered. Reynolds has come out swinging with a new lighthearted shot at his closest pal ahead of the release of their forthcoming MCU film, which will include the same unusual traits.
 After bringing the character's journey to a satisfying conclusion in 2017's Logan, Jackman announced his departure from the role. Deadpool and Wolverine changed the initial ideas, allowing Jackman to portray the same character in a new way. In an interview with ap Entertainment regarding Jackman's return as Wolverine, Reynolds joked about his co-star, calling him a "liar," but he also hinted at the character's reappearance in the next picture.

AP Entertainment recently visited Reynolds at IF's monday night New York City premiere, seeking details on how he got Jackman to sign up with Deadpool & Wolverine. Reynolds poked fun at his co-star, claiming that "Hugh is a liar". Reynolds went on, sticking to his witty repartee, branding Jackman "a bald-faced, horrible coward, and a liar" for lying to his followers.

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