Political strategist and director of the indian Political Action Committee (I-PAC), Rishi raj Singh, who fought relentlessly for the YSRCP led by chief minister jagan in the recently ended assembly and lok sabha elections in Andhra Pradesh, may continue to help the party for a long time.
During a Thanksgiving meeting with I-PAC team members a few days earlier, jagan complimented Rishi and his team, promising that his party would continue to work with them in the coming years.

Jagan was quite impressed with Rishi raj Singh and his team's campaign methods, notably the "Siddham" campaign, which received a huge response from the public. It is claimed that Jagan's popularity soared following the Siddham campaign.
According to sources, regardless of whether the YSRCP wins the elections, jagan plans to continue working with Rishi raj Singh and his staff in the coming years.
"He won't blame Rishi if he loses the election. "That's how much he believes in that team," insiders added.

 In a recent interview with a major media outlet, Rishi stated that he is working in Andhra Pradesh, not because of I-PAC or any other agency, but because jagan Mohan reddy believes in him and his team.

"It is about trust and the value we add," he stated.
He stated that jagan was unconcerned about whether prashant kishor had quit I-PAC or who was leading it.
"He was impressed with us since we consistently delivered outcomes and added value. Rishi raj Singh stated that I-PAC's brand value will never decline.
He asserted that I-PAC was preparing for jagan Mohan Reddy's historic triumph. At the same time, he attributed all credit to jagan, not I-PAC.
"He's winning not because I-PAC is supporting him. "He will pass with flying colours because of his delivery and good governance," Rishi predicted.


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