While charminar and its surroundings are arguably the most popular tourist destinations in the city for both local and foreign visitors, the region has recently gained recognition for its traffic congestion and slowdowns. Traffic jams have become the norm at Pathergatti, gulzar Houz, Madina Building, Mir Alam Mandi, Nayapul, and devan Deowdi, much to the irritation of visitors and locals alike.

The problem is more chronic in gulzar Houz, where at least a dozen autorickshaws are parked near the fountain. "People have difficulty navigating the already tight road section as a result of unlawful parking. Nooruddin, a Khilwat resident, stated that the traffic police, despite being stationed there, are only present at the traffic booth. The traffic from the Mir Alam Mandi to Bibi Bazaar intersection via the Alijah Kotla goes slowly in the evenings.

"On both sides of the narrow track, two-wheelers are parked. Another neighbor, Mohd Faiz, stated that there are workshops just near the Mirchowk police station that keep automobiles on the road.
Regular traffic congestion on the Madina Building stretch Traffic slowdowns are common in the Nayapul to Madina Building route. The tiny route, which is part of the NH-44, has a high volume of buses passing through, frequently causing traffic bottlenecks.
"During peak traffic hours in the evenings, it takes around 15 minutes to cross the stretch. "The traffic police are seen at the junction, but they do not move along the stretch and clear the parking," claimed Syed Feroz, a cab driver.

During the warmer months, travelers trapped in traffic sweat it out while attempting to escape the jam. When contacted, a traffic police officer stated that the traffic cranes are always on the move to clear impediments on the highway.
"We receive alerts from the traffic control room and make constant efforts to ease traffic flow," the official said, adding that with limited roads and high traffic volume, traffic slowdowns were unavoidable.

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