As the searing summer heat hits hyderabad, locals are seeking comfort in the form of ice apples, also known as 'Thati Munjalu'. However, as the season winds down, the seasonal delicacy becomes more pricey. Ice apples are currently priced at Rs 100 for six pieces, which is a huge rise from the regular Rs 60.

The price increase is due to the nearing end of the ice apple season, which makes the fruit scarce and drives up expenses. "The season is nearing a close, thus the rates are very high.
While it would normally be sold at Rs 60 for 6 pieces, we are selling it for Rs 100 for 6 pieces, while other sellers are charging up to Rs 120 for 6 pieces," stated Rahul, a local vendor. Ice apples, collected from the sugar palm tree, are in high demand throughout the summer due to their inherent cooling characteristics.

They give a welcome break from the oppressive heat, making them a favorite option among hyderabad residents. "While the prices are high, people are still buying dozens of ice apples to enjoy the fruit as long as it lasts," he stated.

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