Payal Rajput complained on social media yesterday about her film 'Rakshana,' which she shot in 2019 and 2020, but the producer is now insisting that she market it. She said the producer had not processed her payment and had used improper language, prompting her to explore legal action. Now, Sri Prandeep Thakore, the producer and director of the film 'Rakshana,' has filed an official complaint with the telugu Film Producers Council.
 According to the producer, payal rajput was requested to provide dates for the promotion of the film 'Rakshana,' but she declined, citing the picture's four-year-old status and the recommendation to release it on OTT. According to the agreement, she was expected to labor for 50 days to complete the film and promote it. There have been severe criticisms from both the parties and now they have gone to TFPC to get justice.

The producer used her skills for 47 days. The producer and director stated that he is willing to give her the remaining salary sum of Rs. 6.00 lakhs only, before the film's release and following her participation in its promotions. See the full complete complaint letter below.


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