When it comes to fashion, pooja Hedge never passes up an opportunity to put her best foot forward, establishing new trends with her modern looks. She looks stunning in everything she wears, whether it's a tiny dress or a complete set. And if you're wondering what's new, check out her beautiful coffee date outfit, which includes a flowery blouse and a denim skirt.
Pooja is now enjoying a holiday in Dubai. Aside from tourism and street walks, she enjoys discovering new coffee spots. The actress is an avid coffee drinker who enjoys experimenting with various varieties. You might also call coffee her travel companion. The actress began her day out in dubai with some coffee on the cozy sofa.
The actress dressed elegantly for her coffee date, sporting a green shirt with flower designs that added a whimsical touch. She combined it with a black denim skirt with a stunning side split, which the actress proudly displays in the photos. To round off her outfit, she added a golden shine with the golden chain.

At the same time, the black pair of trendy spectacles enhanced her image. Finally, her appearance wouldn't be complete without a striking black purse. That's it, pooja Hedge catches everyone's attention with her elegant coffee date outfit.

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