The 150-page report filed by the andhra pradesh police's Special Investigation Team (SIT), which was formed on the election Commission's orders, is said to have targeted telugu desam party leaders more than YSRCP leaders for their participation in the post-election violence.
It is clear from the manner tdp leaders have started screaming foul over the findings, claiming that SIT members did not conduct a thorough investigation into the violent episodes and turned a blind eye to the violence perpetrated by YSRCP leaders, particularly in the Palnadu district.

Even a part of pro-TDP media has claimed that SIT team members did not even visit Palnadu, which witnessed widespread violence.
The local police officials failed to provide a clear image to SIT teams in other locations, allowing YSRCP leaders to flee the scene.
"The police have not filed any cases against the YSRCP leaders, even though they were caught with hundreds of petrol bombs, sickles, and other lethal weapons." Even the SIT has not included anything in its report," a tdp leader remarked.

The tdp leaders point out that the majority of those arrested in the violent episodes were their party officials, while YSRCP leaders were spared.
They are now requesting that the probe be conducted by central agencies, as the SIT was made up entirely of local police officers who were previously directed by the YSRCP government.


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