The nomination of senior IAS officers as in-charge Vice-Chancellors of institutions in the State has shown the congress party's double standards.

The Congress-led government, which issued orders appointing IAS officers as VCs on Tuesday, has sparked a dispute, with many noting that the same congress objected when the previous BRS administration named top IAS officers as in-charge VCs in 2019. Several congress leaders then stated that the State government should have chosen normal Vice Chancellors with full authority instead of in-charge VCs. Senior politician gudur Narayan Reddy, who subsequently joined the bjp, further said that the then-Chief Minister, K Chandrashekhar Rao, handed the role to IAS officials rather than appointing competent academicians to run institutions. The congress has also criticized the BRS administration for failing to support higher education, particularly universities, noting the appointment of IAS bureaucrats as in-charge VCs.

According to news sources from 2019, congress leaders accused the then-Chairman of considering universities as "mere departments which could be handled by IAS officers on a part-time basis". "Daily, a university's Vice-Chancellor must address a variety of academic and college-related matters. As a result, an IAS official who is already in charge of other vital ministries in the government will be unable to handle the new task, they stated at the time.
Even the bjp has spoken out against the BRS government's approach, with senior bjp leader Krishna Sagar Rao claiming that Chandrashekhar Rao should have started the process of choosing full-fledged Vice-Chancellors ahead of time rather than appointing in-charge VCs.

The tenure of nine ordinary Vice Chancellors at various institutions ended on Tuesday. The government, which formed a university-based search committee to pick regular VCs, issued orders appointing top IAS officers. Among those appointed were MA&UD Principal Secretary Dana Kishore, who was appointed VC of Osmania University; bc Principal Secretary Burra Venkatesham, who was appointed VC of JNTU; women and Child Welfare Secretary Vakati Karuna, who was appointed VC of Kakatiya University; and Principal Secretary (Energy) S A M Rizvi, who was appointed VC of Dr BR Ambedkar Open University, to name a few.

The nomination of IAS personnel as incharge VCs was denounced by the SFI telangana State Committee shortly after it took place on Tuesday. The Committee asked that the State government appoint ordinary VCs promptly, as well as explain the grounds for designating IAS officers as in-charge VCs.

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