On Tuesday, Kakatiya Park in Habsiguda hosted an awareness program about the shallow aquifer recharge project. The ceremony was attended by local citizens as well as civic leaders. The project is being carried out by ghmc and The Rainwater Project (TRP) as part of a nationwide effort by the National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA). 

The park's watershed area is around 6.85 lakh square meters, with a storage capacity of 44.6 crore liters and an annual rainfall potential of 53 lakh liters. This project increased the capacity, which will not only replenish groundwater but also minimize urban floods. Apart from Kakatiya Park, this project is being implemented in four additional parks in the city. In a news release, the ghmc stated that "groundwater levels are decreasing drastically in the city, with many borewells becoming dry. At the same time, the city's streets are flooding, even with light rain. To solve this issue, ghmc has launched a pilot project called the 'Shallow Aquifer Recharge Project' as part of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Affairs' AMRUT initiative.

Under this effort, shallow water injection borewells will be dug to a depth of 100 to 120 feet to pump out water from shallow aquifers. This will allow the strata underneath to recharge whenever there is rain, gathering water from the surrounding watershed regions and channelling it through recharge holes. Additional Commissioner (UBD) Dr. Sunanda Rani, Deputy director Chandra Sekhara Rao, TRP's Kalpana Ramesh, and other authorities attended the occasion.

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