100% victory for tdp this time in Bobbili..!?


Bobbili assembly constituency was formed in 1951 and used to be a stronghold of the congress party. Here Congress party won seven times, TDP won three times, and YSRCP twice. In 1952, Kolli Kuruni Naidu of the Social party won the first madras state election as an MLA. In 1955, Kotagiri Sitarama Swamy of the congress party and Tentu lakshmi Naidu won as MLAs in 1962. SRK krishna Ranga Rao, who belonged to the bobbili dynasty, contested as an independent in 1967 and won, while CV krishna Rao of the congress party became the winning mla in 1972. In 1983 and 1985, Shambangi chinna Venkata Appala Naidu, who entered the fray as a tdp candidate, became an MLA. He also won in 1994 and was elected mla for the third time. In 1999, Peddinti Jaganmohan Rao became mla after defeating Appala Nai. In the 2004 and 2009 elections, bobbili Rajvanshiudu won from the congress party. Rao Venkata krishna Sujaya krishna Ranga Rao contested and won on behalf of YSRCP in 2014 elections. He became the only leader to score a hat-trick from Bobbili.

But in the year 2016, Ranga Rao joined tdp and became a minister. Sujaya krishna Ranga Rao, who contested as a tdp candidate in the 2019 elections, lost. In that election, Appala Naidu, who entered the ring from YSRCP, won by a margin of 8 thousand votes and became the mla of bobbili for the fourth time. He became a Protem Speaker on june 6, 2019. While Shambangi Venkata Chin Appala Naidu is going to contest from YSRCP in 2024, Ranga Rao's brother Baby Nayana is contesting from TDP. Currently, he is an mla from YCP. But this time the TDP has a 100% win. Social classes in the world of social classes. There are about 70,000 east Kapu 51,980, 14,406 people, Yadavas 13,354, Madhyas 12,739, and Malays 15,739 There are Kapus in large numbers in the Bobbali constituency. So this time they have voted for tdp, india Herald has come to know. It is also known that Telagas also voted for TDP.

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