The elections are concluded, and now it is all about betting until the results are announced on june 4th. Betting has occurred on a variety of characteristics, with players ranging from vehicle drivers to NRIs putting their bets. While there are some organized betting stations, there are other spontaneous gatherings that seem like a kitty party.
For example, in prakasam district, a group of 80 women wagered Rs 80 lakh (Rs 1 lakh apiece) on the YSRCP's win, while another group of 5 women gambled Rs 1.2 crore against them on the TDP's victory. If the 80 women win, they will earn Rs 1.5 lakh apiece, in addition to keeping their original investment secure, for a 1:1.5 ratio.
This type of betting takes place throughout Andhra Pradesh's districts. jagan Mohan Reddy's optimism in winning 150 or more seats has led to more betting than expected. On the other side, tdp media comments and surveys are encouraging many people to wager and try their luck.

Tobacco producers in prakasam region are overjoyed since their crop has been getting extraordinarily excellent prices at the present tobacco auctions. The Tobacco Board facilitates auctions in its southern light soils (SLS) and southern black soils (SBS) districts. Premium bright kinds have been demanding solid prices of well above Rs 300 per kilogramme for about ten days, while brown varieties are trading between Rs 260 and Rs 270. Even lesser red varieties, which formerly sold for roughly Rs 205 per kilogramme, have seen a revival.

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