During the 2017 assembly elections in Andhra Pradesh, ysr congress party president and chief minister Y. S. jagan Mohan reddy campaigned with the slogan "Why not 175," showing his unwavering confidence in winning the election.
Though jagan was aware that attaining this was easier said than done, he used the phrase to stimulate and inspire his party officials and cadre to work hard to secure a second consecutive term. It is another issue that the struggle was difficult and not one-sided. However, the Jana Sena party, led by star Pawan Kalyan, has its constraints. Forget about winning the polls and becoming the state's chief minister; pawan kalyan understood that his party lacked the power and network to compete in the elections alone.

The party had no candidates to run in all of the seats. As a result, he abandoned his ambitions and joined the telugu desam party and the Bharatiya Janata Party.
The Jana Sena had sought 24 assembly seats, but once the bjp joined the alliance, it reduced its demand to 21.
Despite its constraints, the Jana Sena party believes it will win all 21 seats it has contested. K. naga Babu, general secretary of the Jana Sena party, made this assertion during a virtual meeting with party candidates on Tuesday.

"We will win 21 out of the 21 assembly seats that we have fought. That is our feedback from the battlefield. Every contender is convinced they will win. Furthermore, the Jana Sena party played an important role in other constituencies where our coalition partners, the tdp and the bjp, competed," he stated.
Naga Babu noted that Pawan Kalyan's plan, Chandrababu Naidu's expertise, and the backing of key bjp officials have aided the coalition, which is on track to win a large number of seats.

It would have been more suitable if the Jana Sena party had used the slogan "Why not 21" before the elections, as jagan did. It would have provided a lot of incentive to the party candidates!


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