The Food Safety Department of telangana continues to conduct raids on food outlets and restaurants in Hyderabad, where investigators discovered dubious sanitary standards and violations of safety laws.

In Uppal
On Monday, May 20, officials searched two eateries in Uppal: master Chef Restaurant and Hotel Sai Brundavan Pure Veg.
At the master Chef Restaurant, officials discovered the use of synthetic food colors, which were "discarded on the spot."
"4 expired Vijaya Milk packets, 65 kgs of unlabeled ginger garlic paste and bakery items were discarded," it stated.

At Hotel Sai Brundavan Pure Veg, officials discovered the use of synthetic food colors, which were "discarded on the spot." "Misbranded jaggery (144kg) and cashew (4kg) worth Rs. 13k were seized for not having proper labeling on their packs," according to a news statement.
"The analysis report for water (cooking/drinking) is not available. The refrigerator was in poor sanitary condition, with incorrectly kept semi-prepared food. There were food workers who did not wear hair caps, gloves, aprons, or medical fitness certifications. "A few other hygiene-related issues were discovered," it added.

At Somajiguda
Following a raid by the telangana Commissioner of Food Safety on Tuesday, May 21, numerous big eateries in Somajiguda were found to have unsanitary food storage and expired food.

The first restaurant was Kritunga - The Palegar's Cuisine Restaurant, which was known for its fiery food. Here officials discovered:

• About 6 kgs of ganga Gold paneer worth Rs. 2,100 in sealed packets. It had no FSSAI license or logo and was discarded on the spot.

• An expired six kilograms of methi malai paste worth Rs. 1,800. It was discarded on the spot.

• Around 156 units of one litre of water bottles of Kritunga Palegar’s Brand which is worth Rs. 7,800. It contained a TDS value of just 4 ppm which is not usable. Samples were sent to the laboratory for analysis.

• A non-vegetarian paste worth Rs. 648 and citric acid-containing packets worth Rs. 150 were found without proper labels.

• Officials found semi-cooked raw food articles stored inside a refrigerator. It was not properly labeled or covered.

• The kitchen premises were found open to the outside environment without proper mesh/barrier to avoid the entry of pests or flies, and dustbins were found open without lids.


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