The city police ordered mobile phone store owners not to buy cell phones without bills, especially from "unknown and suspicious" people. "If any such persons come to the shop, the owners should notify the local police station immediately," said S rashmi Perumal, DCP Task Force.

On Wednesday, May 22, the Task Force detained nine people, including four adolescents and recipients of stolen phones. The police discovered three mobile phones that had been stolen from persons near Neredmet, Trimulgherry, and Monda Market police stations.
According to hyderabad police, stolen phones are reaching local mobile stores in the city and surrounding regions before being funneled to larger syndicates. The phones are subsequently transported to other nations, including Sudan.

K Sreenivasa Reddy, the City police Commissioner, has revealed that some stolen cell phones are being dismantled and the components, such as mobile displays, cameras, and speakers, are then utilised as replacements.
Khalid Abdelbagi Mohamed Albadwi, a Sudanese national, and his friends were detained last month by hyderabad police for acquiring stolen mobile phones and illegally exporting them via sea to Sudan, where they were reselling them for a large profit.
Mobile phones are smuggled into Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Bhutan, Bangladesh, and Thailand.

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