You can't win the trophy by shouting on the field..!?

 In the IPL 2024 season, RCB lost their chance to win the trophy as usual and exited in the play-offs. In the league round, RCB won six matches in a row and entered the playoffs based on run rate. Especially in the 68th league match held in Bangalore, CSK and RCB teams played a lot of difficulty. The RCB team played well and went to the playoffs. Then the RCB fans came around the stadium celebrating as if they had won some IPL trophy and hated the CSK fans. And RCB's star player virat kohli gestured to the CSK fans to shut up. This left CSK fans heartbroken. Not only that, the RCB players celebrated without shaking hands with Dhoni. And the RCB fans surrounded and booed the CSK players as they left the ground.

In this situation, the RCB team is currently out of the series after losing the eliminator match. Commenting on this, former CSK player ambati rayudu is sad about Virat Kohli's unnecessary shouting at the stadium. You can't win the IPL trophy by just shouting and celebrating on the ground while doing cricket commentary on Star Sports. To win the IPL trophy first you have to perform well in the playoff round. Ambathi Rayudu has rightly responded that he should learn the habit of winning important matches.

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