Important department to janasena chief Pawan Kalyan..!?

Only 11 days are left for the election results. In the meantime, anyone is speculating. If the coalition comes to power in this order, who will be given the key ministries? Discussions are going on hotly on that topic. In this order, some of the zealots, who are constantly beating sugar on social media, announce some already old ministers and assign departments to them. But it can be noticed that many people are strangely focusing on the home Department.

Everyone knows the reason for that. It is the most powerful department after the Chief Minister. It is known that as the minister of Police, the weight and prestige of this department is the most important responsibility of protecting the law. In addition to that, it is up to that branch to bend the necks of each party. Everyone wants to give this important department to janasena chief Pawan Kalyan. But there is no reason for that. Everyone knows that pawan kalyan of Jana Sena has breathed life into tdp this time. That's why he hopes to allocate the home department to Pawan Kalyan, whether it be his fans, Jana Sena activists, or people.

In this context, Kapu leader former minister Chegondi hari Ramajogaiah Pawan has already demanded in the form of a video that this key department should be given along with the Deputy CM. But tdp has not responded to what is happening so far. However, his fans say that if tdp wins after the results on june 4, a decision will have to be taken. Otherwise, they are casting curses that Babu must not incur the wrath of the army. Yes, Pawan Kalyan is demanding that the home Department be given to him keeping in mind his status as a janasena leader with representation from a strong social class. Let's see what Babu will do!

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